I’m Kara Skarda.

I’m not a counselor or a psychologist. I’m a mom of three small boys, who I hope grow up to be kind young men. I’m on this journey with you to figure out the role we play in that.

That being said, I don’t think all of your child’s future choices rest on you. Sigh, and give yourself a break. You’re not ultimately responsible for the entire destiny of your child.

I’m also a former special education teacher. I know that things like empathy and self-regulation come easier to some kids than other.

But we do share our values and shape who and what our children long to become.

So, let’s be intentional. Let’s stretch those empathy muscles and teach our children kindness. The world is a changing place, and the controversies and crises of the future reside beyond what I can imagine. What I know is they will need kindness, no matter which side of each controversy they end up on.

And if you’re not convinced, here’s my longer explanation for why Parenting Kind Kids.